Policy Guidelines

Employment News Publications Division Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

Guidelines Approved By Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for publication of advertisements in Employment News/Rozgar Samachar.

Ever since its Inception in 1976, Employment News has been publishing advertisements pertaining to recruitment vacancies of the Government sector both Central and State, admission notices of recognised universities and exam results of UPSC, SSC, RRB and other Government recruitment bodies.With the increase in circulation and higher penetration of Employment News couple with increased volume of advertisements, a need has been felt to replace the various scattered decision of this Ministry as well as those of the Director, Publications Division, and GM-cum-CE, Employment News relating to publication of advertisements in the Employment News/Rozgar Samchar with a concise, up-to-date and comprehensive guidelines on the subject. Hence the present Guidelines for publication of advertisements in Employment News/Rozgar Samachar.

In supersession of all previous decisions on publication of advertisements in Employment News/Rozgar Samachar, the following guidelines shall be followed henceforth:

1.The following categories of advertisements would be published in Employment News/Rozgar Samachar:

  • Job vacancies
  • Job-oriented training programmes
  • Admission notices relating to job-oriented courses.
  • Results of recruitment exams.

2.The above four categories of advertisements would be published in respect of the following categories of clients :

  • Ministries/departments of the Central Government and State Government and UT Administrations.
  • Offices/organizations/autonomous bodies/societies/PSUs under ministries/departments of the Central Government and State Government and UT Administrations.
  • Nationalised banks/ RRBs /UPSC/Staff Selection Assemblies/ Constitutional and statutory bodies and other Government recruitment agencies.
  • Central/State Governments Universities/deemed university under Acts of Parliament/State Legislatures.
  • Colleges/Institutes recognised by the UGC/AICTE and Financially/administratively controlled by Central/State Governments.

3.The onus of proving that a particular client falls within one of the five categories mentioned in para 2 above shall be on the client. The client shall submit acceptable proof of belonging to any one of the above five categories and the final decision in the matter would be that of GM-cum-CE, Employment News.

4.GM-cum-CE would be responsible for ensuring that authentic advertisements appear in Employment News. In case he has any doubt regarding the authenticity of the advertisement, he will have the right to accept or reject the request for publication ofadvertisements.

5.GM-cum-CE would, while rejecting a request, communicate the reasons for rejection in writing to the client.

6.Advertisement would normally be routed through DAVP in case of organisations related to central Government and respective Director of Information and Public Relations in case of organization related to State Governments or Union Territories. However in cases of clients having any constraints/problems in routing their advertisements as mentioned above, they would be allowed to place their advertisement directly to Employment News subject to fulfillment of the following requirements :

  • They would be required to submit an attested copy of a letter from the concerned ministry/department about their status.
  • They would be required to make full payment in advance along with the release order.

7.GM-cum-CE would have the right to stop accepting advertisements from any client who, in his view, falls to clear outstanding payments of earlier advertisements.

8.Can I see/read/access earlier issues?

  • Material should reach Employment News office at least 21 days prior to the date of issue of the advertisement.
  • Material should be sent both in English and Hindi in 8-font point size in CD format PDF/pagemaker/quark express.
  • The rates for advertisements would be as notifies by Employment News from time to time as fixed by DAVP.

9.Standard agency discount would be allowed to agencies forwarding advertisement material in artwork/CD/hard copy as applicable from time to time.

10.In case of any dispute arising in any part of the country,local Courts of Delhi/New Delhi will have the necessary jurisdiction.